Which Way Indian Media is Heading To?

Which Way Indian Media Is Heading To?Image

The term “Media” refers to several different forms of communication like: print, electronic, traditional, etc with an aim to inform, aware, motivate and educate a society. It can be in the form of radio, television, cinema, magazines, newspapers, journals, theatre, puppetry, etc.

With evolution in the field of economy, India has witnessed a major advancement in the role played by the media. Media has had an impact in our society in many different ways. It has always played a very crucial role as a source of infotainment.

During the early days of development, media was not only used to provide information but also to facilitate to the advancement of a developed and civilized society. These days, we witness that the news channels and newspaper are competing with each other to make more money, through TRPs and distribution rather than focusing on their role, that is, to provide correct information and to aware the masses. In order to do so, these channels and news distributors are marketing the news in an unethical way.

The condition has gone worse to such an extent that in order to become the top most and to make more money, the media communicators have started to misguide the society. The fact very fact that media is a crucial tool for the formation of a healthy and developing society should now be revised, making communication reforms as the need of the hour.

Moreover, sometimes, the media also hurts the trust, faith and sentiments of the people. The information that people get from the media acts as an influencing force for the masses, hence media has a great power associated with it. In such a scenario the impact of incorrect and unethical information provided to the people leads to mass fury, revolts and demonstrations within our society.

Media was ideally considered as the image of the society but now days it has shrink down to be the voice of the political parties, promoting their views and promises which actually never turn out to be true. It presents information in a dramatized way to spice up the news and to sensationalize the masses rather than sensitizing them.

But, we must also not forget that there are some communication forms that still haven’t forgotten their ethics and responsibilities. These media forms often take the risks of their lives to present us with the reality of an event or activity. These events or activities include disaster, sting operations, bomb blasts, fake encounters and other crimes with the motive to eradicate the evil and corruption from our society. These are the actual media reformers that bring about a positive change in the society by providing people with actual NEWS.

Media should be such that it helps to maintain a good civil atmosphere in the society rather than hurting the sentiments and being the cause of unrest. We should also always remember that media is a powerful source which when ideally used can do wonders to make a nation the most powerful one.

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Welcome to the Paradise of World Where Nature has its Abode!!

We will take you to the most charming Hill station in India. India has some of the world famous all-season hill stations which are visited by Indian and foreign tourists. These hill stations are situated in various parts including northern, north eastern and western and southern region of country. If you are here we will let you know the most enchanting hill stations of country including Kashmir Hill Station, the most beautiful Hill station in India forming the integral of jewel of our country. With the summer season at its peak a beautiful and loving Hill station in north India like Kashmir hill station or a seaside Hill station in south India would instill scintillating feelings when you are right there. Here’s more why a trip to a Hill station in India has golden treasure trove.

Kashmir Hill Station: Jewel Hill station in north India


Kashmir is the most beautiful tourists spot in India. It is only after you visit there that you get to explore this adobe of nature. Most famous thing about this coolest hill station in India is that it changes its color on different seasons. When you get there in winter a very cold, snow clad ambiance is going to welcome you. However, when you take time out to reach this hill station in north india in summer you will find yourself among the inviting lilies and blossoming trees. Our best systems offers hot deals for this dream hill station which gets you all enchanting facilities and sightseeing benefits.

Be a Guest of Nature Ooty: At The Queen Hill station in South India

Ooty is paradise for trekkers. If you love trekking Ooty is calling you with its both arms open. It is situated at distance of 105 km from Coimbatore. Even before you land at the ground of this beautiful Hill Station in South India sprawling tea gardens, dense forests, snooty mountain ranges start you greeting as you enter in their vicinity.


Ooty has many smaller hill stations the prime four of which i.e., Elk Hill, Club Hill, Snowdon, Doddabetta hill are the major attraction of this world famous hill station. To enjoy true beauty and excitement of Ooty step into the train journey through Blue Train from Mettupalayam to Ooty. Our hill station packages come with sightseeing facility to all hottest destinations in Ooty including Kandal Cross Shrine, Mudumalai Wildlife, Ooty Lake, Kalhatty falls etc. among others.

Five “Must” Points when you sit to write an Article

Image    Whether you are going to write an article for the very first time or you have been searching for the new techniques to write an effective article this article will guide you on most vital factor for writer to create the master piece.

First Point: Creativity

To be frank if the there were no creativity the world and everything would have come to “standstill” and when you expect someone to come  again to hit you webpage you must put for him or her to feed one. Nobody would like to read what one has already read. That is why it is your creativity will stand you apart from the rest. While one may miss where one can get creative ideas other get it from their mind. You can get ideas from watching your hand palm, watching your lips, glaring your eyes, glaring a squirrel running away from your footsteps. You get creativity from blooming flowers, you get creativity from rising sun, running water, blowing air. Stop! My Dear friend you don’t need go everywhere to find creative ideas. For example if you wanna get it from Rising Sun you will get to the SUN!!!. You might call silly someone talking this way.

It’s in your mind. Everything is in your mind. The creativity comes from within. Do remember you can watch, read, sense and feel everything but ultimately it is your inner self who will prompt you to raise your antennas get signal from somewhere. This will prompt your mind and head to share something with your people and the world. This is the first and chief point which must be kept into consideration while writing an article. In the next post I would be talking on the Second of five “must” points when you sit to write an article. 

Does Your Website Speak What Your Customers Want To Listen?

Well, for the very first time when you are going to create your website, the most vital factor is its customer orientation. Do you think that you have put it on your website content whether customers take pleasure to explore and read on? Whatever design or pattern you opt for ultimately it is for your customers. A smoothly navigational website is going to lure customers easily viz-a-viz a complex website which has tons of content, text, images, videos etc. Whether your website is read by someone from Sydney or someone from Washington it must be easily readable and striking to the people of all culture and geographies. 


Let Your Mind Free From the Limits and Fly Like a Freed Bird

A mind which is bounded with conditions and limits cannot achieve the creativity to think new. The boundaries have their compulsions. They don’t let you to go beyond your limits. You may be contented with what you are getting but what you are getting cannot said to be an achievement. It is just like what you have got is all that you wished. Same is also true when you set for content writing for something on your own.

Did you remember when an idea struck your mind? What can have implications when written in a manner which lures people? However, valuable your idea be, until you come out of your limits you can express what is brewing in your mind. If you bound yourself with limits inside, your ideas would never bloom and the time you start thinking about something beyond limits you start to witness changes which you may have ever expected.

When you are in limits your instincts are driven by those terms and you are just there to act like puppets. You are to act to the tunes of what you are expected. Let us take an example. Have you ever seen a parrot which is kept inside the cage? Compare this seized creature to that of freed. You can dance the caged parrot to your tunes. Right! What about the second one? Can you make it to teach what you want? “No” is the answer. It is free of any foundations. The next time you try to catch to that parrot the sky is its limit. It has the habit to reach beyond levels.

Let your ideas flow just like that second parrot. The more you go beyond limits the more you achieve. My personal experience is that when someone forces me to write anything I may lose my tune and track. Believe me!! If someone ‘discusses” his or her expectations with me, it motivates me. I can create more master pieces for someone. My efforts while executing content writing service for my clients is that I develop nothing but the best for my valuable clients.