Commercial Interests In “Social Media”: Sensing Opportunity?

Social media is now a powerful tool which has been revolutionizing the way people interact, share, and exchange their views, opinions, experiences and much more. Whether you are an individual or an organization social media networks can help you discover and attract the prospective audience you seek.  So, you can profit from it. Right! But the big question is that How to use social networks for make audience dance to your tunes. Well, you can adopt multi-pronged strategies just to hook audience to your blog, website, content and ‘you’. Here are a few stunning tactics to engage and be socialize with the your audience.


Start It Easy

When you want to tell something about your company or about your idea put it in simple words. People run away from more stuffed words. When they find something catchy and unique they would at least think about the words you posted and when you present engaging words in the content they will ‘ask’ you, ‘seek’ clarification and ‘suggest’ you. Thus in other words they are engaged with you while you started it easy. Starting up with most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter gets you firsthand experience as to what people present and what they want. If you can’t handle everything on your own hiring content writing services would be the best one.

Watch Other People

When you have now understood as to how people present them on the social networks front just try to gauge the kind of content people share? Observe their photos, links, questions, opinions and everything. Analyze the people or organizations that have huge traffic and simplify their strategies and try to use some of them for your own. And most important thing is that don’t be restricted just to your own. You need to listen other people. When they comment or share your content give them back response. After in-depth research of the content posted by people, analyze them post the content which is liked by people.

Use E-mail Marketing

You can intimate people at least to those who have been ever in contact with you. When they find what do you have on social networking site for them they would at least once visit to your post and if you are on Facebook they will surely ‘Like’ it.

Attach your Social Media Profile by Integrating Links and Hastags

Well sending invitation for events through e-mails invites start talking immediately. When they read it first they would at least say that ‘let’s check’ it even if they don’t have intentions to attend the event. And when it leaves a good impression it would prove to be good strategy for registration through hash tags in the invitations. 

Add compelling Messages in Your Content

People are hooked to the kind of marketing which is used on other media fronts like TV ads, websites and pop-ups or even advertisement in the magazines. However, you must be conscious of using the content. Use of compelling message is highly recommended if you wish to attract huge traffic to your site or blog.

Use RSS Feed

Last, but not the least, get RSS feed for all new updates each time you publish new content your website, blog post, social medial profile and keep updating the audience about new releases.

Once you get these points of How to use social networks for make audience you can put them into practice immediately and a huge traffic is waiting of you.


Content with Strategic Keywords is Guarantee of Online Business Success

In quest of being a successful business owner the most vital thing to be mentioned herein is that how do you put information on your website? Whether you are engaged in offering services on individual basis or you specify in delivering your services to firms you must remember that your style of presenting information sets the tone of your success on internet.

Especially if you are owner of the e-commerce websites which has tons of products your presentation style would be vital in attracting visitors to your website.

You need to put the content on websites which has attractive and if you don’t find time to create all high quality content, I am sure you can’t find it easily, hiring a freelancers would do the best for you. They will bring their expertise and unique writing styles in your specific requirements. You can also adopt the same approach for promoting your blog posts.

With competition scaling to the newer heights, success of your online business would be defined nothing but the quality and striking content you put on your website. The same is also true when it comes submitting your articles on various article directories to create millions of backlinks to promote your website for internet marketing.

What matters most, today, is users, when come to your website or article, feel happy when they find exactly what they are in need of? For example someone looking for an inverter would be happy to know if content or piece of information provides all vital details of inverter such as, its capacity, input, output, performance capacity warranty etc. The charm would be further added when you put a few of reviews of customers as to what others feel about that product.

The thing about such strategies is that more qualitative you put on the offer helps you gain more traffic for your website. It must be to the point and focused towards answering needs of users. When you put content with this in mind loads of traffic would hit your website, for sure. Ultimately users want to find solutions to their requirements.

Catch ‘em with Keywords

Well, at the core of luring traffic lie keywords as this is what would be link between your website and your visitors. Besides, they have also their indomitable role in Search Engine Optimization as its helps you building traffic to your website.

If you wanna success in online business the first thing is the quality content with strategically placed keywords in between them is the most sought after strategy. Both of these with customers need in focus make your internet marketing strategy a success.

How Quality Content Services can Drive Traffic to Your Website

With craze for online technologies scaling newer heights users are now more openly available to accept online shopping. There are users are from different, almost from all parts of the world, and from diverse industries. So irrespective of your business niche you can drive traffic to your website. Your online business depends on how successful you are in driving traffic to your website.

What exactly it is that prompts the users to click on your link among millions of search results thrown up by search engine giant Google? The answer to this pertinent question lies in “Quality Content”. It is the quality content which differentiates your website or blog from rest of the websites. Users are always attracted to unique. When your website or blog has content which hits to the core of their heart they are more likely to trust your website for shopping or whatsoever. Quality content can be availed the best writing services from a professionally well managed platforms like my content planet which ensure high quality creative content.

Simply putting ordinary content on the website would not do. You are required to add consistently fresh content on your website.

What should the content look alike?

First, the content which is considered to be the ‘problem solver’ is useful for the users. People come to the web or find something which solves their problems or get help for achieving their objectives.

Crisp Content

Crisp content is liked users to read and search engines like index your website. It is all about putting simple words into the best presentation styles. Readers don’t like to visit the web page where they have to apply their extra mind and take pain to get what exactly you want to say. So, whatever you want to say put in the simple words. Quality Content Services ensure that the content is user friendly and crisp as per the services you offer.

Where does Quality in Content Come From?

Well, if you are able to understand this question you have probably solved your question. Research on the scope of services and expectations of customers is where the strength lies. If you are able to understand psyche of your users it would be helpful for you to drive traffic and website to your website.

Content Attracts

Read today’s newspaper? Amid a number of news titles and heading which was that caught your attention the most? Why ultimately it led you to read full story? Well the answer is content and its presentations. Just like the content in a newspaper is reader friendly, content from My Content Planet is traffic and SEO friendly. 

“Prompt is the DNA of Your Writing Project” Five “Must” Points Part-II

Prompt is the DNA of Your Writing Project: Finding A Prompt

I am sure, you must been written about the world “Prompts” even if you are not a professional writer. These are at the core of your message and main attractive body in your article or e-book. Prompts are the most effective tools for a writing project.


While people like you when have passion and zeal to convince people through their words, choosing a right prompt poses many challenges. However, there are indefinite ideas hovering around the atmosphere.

 Why Prompts are Important

Have you made up your mind for article writing and have been glaring at the blank page with pen in your mouth sandwiched between the teeth?  It is the prompt which has the main material for the reader to find something useful for them. The things or a prompt you choose to write on may solve the problem of reader or guide them to get ways for getting something.

Finding a Prompt

What is that you like in that old photo. Why don’t you want to leave or sell that old chair on which you burnt midnight oil to creak competition? Why you can’t forgive voice of that girl who you studied in your high school? What was the most irritating thing in your college? Why your mom special to you? There are millions of prompts you can find to write on. From among them you need to choose the prompt just like honeybee sucks honey from flower. That means even if you have also written on a particular prompt earlier you will come back here again with your changed attitude. Hope, you will find some more effective presentation skills.

Ultimately when you have chosen a prompt or idea you will automatically end up thinking about that and writing, even for only 10 minutes, inculcate habit of writing in you and over the time words will automatically flow out of you. This habit for most of the writers is just like building up muscles and it gets easier for you to write and write on.

The Prompting Ideas Write On

Here are the following handpicked prompts for you to think and go ahead. These prompts will be helping you in driving your creativity and don’t worry about the fact that whether you have been writing “good” or “bad”. The main point here is that the word should be kept flowing and keep them polishing over the time.


Hot Picks

 How did you feel when you saw the first snowfall of the year? Did it give you a new experience?

  • Silk
  • The city kept burning for the day and the nights shivered people
  • She studied her face in the mirror for the very first time
  • The smell of crocodile
  • Balloon of stress was busted
  • Why your eyes are red?
  • Shhhhh! someone is there? You noticed? Nobody is there?
  • Someone kept man made frog in your school bag
  • You have 10 job offers to choose from within 10 minutes
  • Heart beat at the first date
  • Why boss listens nobody but me

Hoping these would help you find your X-factor in writing. I’ll be talking on the third “MUST” point while writing.

Welcome to the Paradise of World Where Nature has its Abode!!

We will take you to the most charming Hill station in India. India has some of the world famous all-season hill stations which are visited by Indian and foreign tourists. These hill stations are situated in various parts including northern, north eastern and western and southern region of country. If you are here we will let you know the most enchanting hill stations of country including Kashmir Hill Station, the most beautiful Hill station in India forming the integral of jewel of our country. With the summer season at its peak a beautiful and loving Hill station in north India like Kashmir hill station or a seaside Hill station in south India would instill scintillating feelings when you are right there. Here’s more why a trip to a Hill station in India has golden treasure trove.

Kashmir Hill Station: Jewel Hill station in north India


Kashmir is the most beautiful tourists spot in India. It is only after you visit there that you get to explore this adobe of nature. Most famous thing about this coolest hill station in India is that it changes its color on different seasons. When you get there in winter a very cold, snow clad ambiance is going to welcome you. However, when you take time out to reach this hill station in north india in summer you will find yourself among the inviting lilies and blossoming trees. Our best systems offers hot deals for this dream hill station which gets you all enchanting facilities and sightseeing benefits.

Be a Guest of Nature Ooty: At The Queen Hill station in South India

Ooty is paradise for trekkers. If you love trekking Ooty is calling you with its both arms open. It is situated at distance of 105 km from Coimbatore. Even before you land at the ground of this beautiful Hill Station in South India sprawling tea gardens, dense forests, snooty mountain ranges start you greeting as you enter in their vicinity.


Ooty has many smaller hill stations the prime four of which i.e., Elk Hill, Club Hill, Snowdon, Doddabetta hill are the major attraction of this world famous hill station. To enjoy true beauty and excitement of Ooty step into the train journey through Blue Train from Mettupalayam to Ooty. Our hill station packages come with sightseeing facility to all hottest destinations in Ooty including Kandal Cross Shrine, Mudumalai Wildlife, Ooty Lake, Kalhatty falls etc. among others.

Five “Must” Points when you sit to write an Article

Image    Whether you are going to write an article for the very first time or you have been searching for the new techniques to write an effective article this article will guide you on most vital factor for writer to create the master piece.

First Point: Creativity

To be frank if the there were no creativity the world and everything would have come to “standstill” and when you expect someone to come  again to hit you webpage you must put for him or her to feed one. Nobody would like to read what one has already read. That is why it is your creativity will stand you apart from the rest. While one may miss where one can get creative ideas other get it from their mind. You can get ideas from watching your hand palm, watching your lips, glaring your eyes, glaring a squirrel running away from your footsteps. You get creativity from blooming flowers, you get creativity from rising sun, running water, blowing air. Stop! My Dear friend you don’t need go everywhere to find creative ideas. For example if you wanna get it from Rising Sun you will get to the SUN!!!. You might call silly someone talking this way.

It’s in your mind. Everything is in your mind. The creativity comes from within. Do remember you can watch, read, sense and feel everything but ultimately it is your inner self who will prompt you to raise your antennas get signal from somewhere. This will prompt your mind and head to share something with your people and the world. This is the first and chief point which must be kept into consideration while writing an article. In the next post I would be talking on the Second of five “must” points when you sit to write an article.