“Prompt is the DNA of Your Writing Project” Five “Must” Points Part-II

Prompt is the DNA of Your Writing Project: Finding A Prompt

I am sure, you must been written about the world “Prompts” even if you are not a professional writer. These are at the core of your message and main attractive body in your article or e-book. Prompts are the most effective tools for a writing project.


While people like you when have passion and zeal to convince people through their words, choosing a right prompt poses many challenges. However, there are indefinite ideas hovering around the atmosphere.

 Why Prompts are Important

Have you made up your mind for article writing and have been glaring at the blank page with pen in your mouth sandwiched between the teeth?  It is the prompt which has the main material for the reader to find something useful for them. The things or a prompt you choose to write on may solve the problem of reader or guide them to get ways for getting something.

Finding a Prompt

What is that you like in that old photo. Why don’t you want to leave or sell that old chair on which you burnt midnight oil to creak competition? Why you can’t forgive voice of that girl who you studied in your high school? What was the most irritating thing in your college? Why your mom special to you? There are millions of prompts you can find to write on. From among them you need to choose the prompt just like honeybee sucks honey from flower. That means even if you have also written on a particular prompt earlier you will come back here again with your changed attitude. Hope, you will find some more effective presentation skills.

Ultimately when you have chosen a prompt or idea you will automatically end up thinking about that and writing, even for only 10 minutes, inculcate habit of writing in you and over the time words will automatically flow out of you. This habit for most of the writers is just like building up muscles and it gets easier for you to write and write on.

The Prompting Ideas Write On

Here are the following handpicked prompts for you to think and go ahead. These prompts will be helping you in driving your creativity and don’t worry about the fact that whether you have been writing “good” or “bad”. The main point here is that the word should be kept flowing and keep them polishing over the time.


Hot Picks

 How did you feel when you saw the first snowfall of the year? Did it give you a new experience?

  • Silk
  • The city kept burning for the day and the nights shivered people
  • She studied her face in the mirror for the very first time
  • The smell of crocodile
  • Balloon of stress was busted
  • Why your eyes are red?
  • Shhhhh! someone is there? You noticed? Nobody is there?
  • Someone kept man made frog in your school bag
  • You have 10 job offers to choose from within 10 minutes
  • Heart beat at the first date
  • Why boss listens nobody but me

Hoping these would help you find your X-factor in writing. I’ll be talking on the third “MUST” point while writing.


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