Which Way Indian Media is Heading To?

Which Way Indian Media Is Heading To?Image

The term “Media” refers to several different forms of communication like: print, electronic, traditional, etc with an aim to inform, aware, motivate and educate a society. It can be in the form of radio, television, cinema, magazines, newspapers, journals, theatre, puppetry, etc.

With evolution in the field of economy, India has witnessed a major advancement in the role played by the media. Media has had an impact in our society in many different ways. It has always played a very crucial role as a source of infotainment.

During the early days of development, media was not only used to provide information but also to facilitate to the advancement of a developed and civilized society. These days, we witness that the news channels and newspaper are competing with each other to make more money, through TRPs and distribution rather than focusing on their role, that is, to provide correct information and to aware the masses. In order to do so, these channels and news distributors are marketing the news in an unethical way.

The condition has gone worse to such an extent that in order to become the top most and to make more money, the media communicators have started to misguide the society. The fact very fact that media is a crucial tool for the formation of a healthy and developing society should now be revised, making communication reforms as the need of the hour.

Moreover, sometimes, the media also hurts the trust, faith and sentiments of the people. The information that people get from the media acts as an influencing force for the masses, hence media has a great power associated with it. In such a scenario the impact of incorrect and unethical information provided to the people leads to mass fury, revolts and demonstrations within our society.

Media was ideally considered as the image of the society but now days it has shrink down to be the voice of the political parties, promoting their views and promises which actually never turn out to be true. It presents information in a dramatized way to spice up the news and to sensationalize the masses rather than sensitizing them.

But, we must also not forget that there are some communication forms that still haven’t forgotten their ethics and responsibilities. These media forms often take the risks of their lives to present us with the reality of an event or activity. These events or activities include disaster, sting operations, bomb blasts, fake encounters and other crimes with the motive to eradicate the evil and corruption from our society. These are the actual media reformers that bring about a positive change in the society by providing people with actual NEWS.

Media should be such that it helps to maintain a good civil atmosphere in the society rather than hurting the sentiments and being the cause of unrest. We should also always remember that media is a powerful source which when ideally used can do wonders to make a nation the most powerful one.

I have been a keen observer for the critical issues happening in Indian media and the path today it has been treading on. Content creating for online media resources is my hobby and life. Visit http://contentplanet.wix.com/wwwcontentplanetin#! for more content writing services information.


4 thoughts on “Which Way Indian Media is Heading To?

  1. Definitely Media of the country has been losing its path. Sometimes it shows pity things on news channels for hours while ignoring important issues.

  2. Yes, Pratyush Ji, Media of the country definitely has lost its true responsibility of raising of voice of people in true sense. Now when we often see paid news incidents in media the main motto of media has turned into earning money only. Many thanks for highlighting this issue. I Liked it.

    • Yes. Media many a time makes mole of mountains but ignores burning issues. Thanks Mam for your beautiful comment 🙂

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