Welcome to the Paradise of World Where Nature has its Abode!!

We will take you to the most charming Hill station in India. India has some of the world famous all-season hill stations which are visited by Indian and foreign tourists. These hill stations are situated in various parts including northern, north eastern and western and southern region of country. If you are here we will let you know the most enchanting hill stations of country including Kashmir Hill Station, the most beautiful Hill station in India forming the integral of jewel of our country. With the summer season at its peak a beautiful and loving Hill station in north India like Kashmir hill station or a seaside Hill station in south India would instill scintillating feelings when you are right there. Here’s more why a trip to a Hill station in India has golden treasure trove.

Kashmir Hill Station: Jewel Hill station in north India


Kashmir is the most beautiful tourists spot in India. It is only after you visit there that you get to explore this adobe of nature. Most famous thing about this coolest hill station in India is that it changes its color on different seasons. When you get there in winter a very cold, snow clad ambiance is going to welcome you. However, when you take time out to reach this hill station in north india in summer you will find yourself among the inviting lilies and blossoming trees. Our best systems offers hot deals for this dream hill station which gets you all enchanting facilities and sightseeing benefits.

Be a Guest of Nature Ooty: At The Queen Hill station in South India

Ooty is paradise for trekkers. If you love trekking Ooty is calling you with its both arms open. It is situated at distance of 105 km from Coimbatore. Even before you land at the ground of this beautiful Hill Station in South India sprawling tea gardens, dense forests, snooty mountain ranges start you greeting as you enter in their vicinity.


Ooty has many smaller hill stations the prime four of which i.e., Elk Hill, Club Hill, Snowdon, Doddabetta hill are the major attraction of this world famous hill station. To enjoy true beauty and excitement of Ooty step into the train journey through Blue Train from Mettupalayam to Ooty. Our hill station packages come with sightseeing facility to all hottest destinations in Ooty including Kandal Cross Shrine, Mudumalai Wildlife, Ooty Lake, Kalhatty falls etc. among others.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Paradise of World Where Nature has its Abode!!

  1. Yes, Reaching to the hill stations has been my passion. I would like to visit at Kashmir Hill Station at least once. It is truly jewel of my country. Ooty is the queen of all hill stations in India. I cherish to visit at least once there. Nice Article!!!:)

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