Five “Must” Points when you sit to write an Article

Image    Whether you are going to write an article for the very first time or you have been searching for the new techniques to write an effective article this article will guide you on most vital factor for writer to create the master piece.

First Point: Creativity

To be frank if the there were no creativity the world and everything would have come to “standstill” and when you expect someone to come  again to hit you webpage you must put for him or her to feed one. Nobody would like to read what one has already read. That is why it is your creativity will stand you apart from the rest. While one may miss where one can get creative ideas other get it from their mind. You can get ideas from watching your hand palm, watching your lips, glaring your eyes, glaring a squirrel running away from your footsteps. You get creativity from blooming flowers, you get creativity from rising sun, running water, blowing air. Stop! My Dear friend you don’t need go everywhere to find creative ideas. For example if you wanna get it from Rising Sun you will get to the SUN!!!. You might call silly someone talking this way.

It’s in your mind. Everything is in your mind. The creativity comes from within. Do remember you can watch, read, sense and feel everything but ultimately it is your inner self who will prompt you to raise your antennas get signal from somewhere. This will prompt your mind and head to share something with your people and the world. This is the first and chief point which must be kept into consideration while writing an article. In the next post I would be talking on the Second of five “must” points when you sit to write an article. 


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